dealsset of 3 window canisters in brushed stainless…


I really wanted these. Then I checked feedback on Amazon and found nobody really likes them.


I dont see whats wrong with them. I only found a single review on amazon, and I am hesitant to trust only a single account of something. Sometimes people just have bad luck.

Also, by the sounds of it the manufacturer has good customer service if they sent out a whole new set (which the reviewer failed to describe any defects on).


If you search ebay you can find sets of 4, 5 or 6 of these for $18.00 all day long. Most with free shipping.


I have these. Got them at Bed Bath and Beyond or some such place. The seal is horrible and wont allow one of the canisters to close all the way, and the plastic window is cheap and flimsy, easily dented. We had one of ours near the stove (16 inches away), and the window deformed. I would recommend to steer clear of this product.