dealsxbox 360 live 12 months messenger gold starter…


What great deals on all this Xbox stuff. 20gb hard drives. 60gb hard drives. 3 month Live subscriptions. 12 month live subscriptions. Refurbished and previously used Kinects. Discounts on games every loyal 360 owner already has. IT'S A FIRE SALE!!! And if you call now, we will throw in a free copy of absolutely nothing to be excited about!!!

I'm in for none.


I've got an idea! Lets complain about every deal that isn't perfect for us!


@jdevenberg: You gotta understand man...some people are sooo busy finding and adding deals, they don't have time to sort through the crap that doesn't suit them..

Some days there are more than TEN DEALS added to that popular page..


I guess if you want a chatpad it's not a horrible deal.


@doggystyle: Lol you post the same things on every 360 deal. Not sure if you are a fanboy or what.


@doggystyle: Will you stop trolling all of the Xbox 360 deals already? For the love of god shut up unless you have something constructive to say about the deal.

I'm not buying this myself, but I've forwarded it to a friend that is in need of it. Thanks!


Here's how you get a 12 month gold membership for 32.99. This used to be able to get you a 12 month for 26.99 before the price went up. Only if you already have your account set for auto renew. If you don't already have it set for auto renew then just enter a credit/debit card for auto renew. Even if you just purchased a year last month this will still work. Now call the xbox customer service and tell them you want to take the credit/debit card off the account and cancel the auto renew(because this is the only way you can cancel the auto renew now). They will then offer you the 32.99 12 month gold membership to not cancel auto renew. So the next time you're up for renewal it show this discounted promo price even if that's not for another 10-11 months from now. I've done this 2 years in a row.


@doggystyle: If you don't have something nice or helpful to post, DONT!
What do even do on this site? You have posted 0 deals and voted on 0 items. All you do is mostly troll the Xbox deals and praise the PS3 ones.
Go be a PS3 fanboy somewhere else.