dealsps3 slim w/250gb for $210.00


@bkindustries: I'm a bit confused about this item... Too good to be true? A PS3 slim (of either HDD size) for less than $250? And the product description claims that it's factory-direct, so it's not a refurb/recertified product? Let me know if I'm missing something here...


No joking, Since were buying it direct from the factory and not from a wholesaler we skip the middleman and get the price much better.

Also because its a "sale" we do not have to confirm to the Minimum advertised price that sony has set for the console.


@bkindustries: Does it then also come with all the retail packaging and the 1-year SONY warranty?


@arosiriak: Its bran spanking new if that clears it all up for you.


All please be careful before you order from bkindustries.

It appears that they charge your credit card immediately and never ship out anything.

Can anyone post that has actually received their order? I've yet to find anyone on multiple forums who has taken delivery or even been given tracking information for a shipment.
See here:
and here for a complete copy of the email run around I've gotten trying to figure out where my order is and why it hasn't been shipped.

Woot admins, please stay on top of this. We'll keep on them but it looks like it might be time to freeze bkindustries from being able to post deals.


He ordered some crossbows roughly 4 weeks ago when they went popular, we over sold them by about 200 and had to reorder them but they were back-ordered and we didn't get them in till this past week. We sent out emails almost every 2 weeks to those customers and answered every email.

We don't have an option about charging customers orders later, we solely use the GPal payment system (just like paypal) you can't delay charging, it processes when the customer submits there payment method to GPal.

If he had chose to make the inquires about people receiving orders or tracking information on the woot forums he could have found hundreds if not thousands of people who have been very happy with us.

Were still a new company and have had our share of start up problems. Were working on getting everything resolved and catching up on orders. Its going to take time please just bare with us.


BK Industries experience

I ordered a Box of Crap from this company on 5-28-10 with a 2-3 week delivery time span. Unusual, but I agreed with it when ordering. Total cost $6.91 - it's now about the principal, not the cost. After 3 weeks, dozens of people started complaining, including myself. Multiple excuses began from the business owner ... which I thought odd for him to be all over threads. Never seen another company rep involved this way.
My BOC order from 5-28 - very little contact until today 6-29 - A LOT of excuses then some argumentative.


FINAL CONSENSUS ... no BOC from BK Industries. A few argumentative e-mails but no merchandise. I didn't need 6 cheap $ .39 knives anyway. The claim is that I am the one that has to chase down the mailman cause BK has what he is calling tracking (he shared that on 6-29) info & claims once it leaves his hands, he is no longer responsible. Glad I just bought one, unlike some of the poor folks that spent hundreds. I have called my CC company and will get a credit from them, but they won't go after the seller due to the small amount charged to my card. I asked them not to eat this themselves & that I would, but they insisted. Sad!! All I can do at this point is to NEVER order anything from BK Industries again & encourage others not to as well. This wasn't just a bad experience ... it was a nightmare!!!!! Good luck everyone else.


@BKindustries: You did not answer arosiriak's question - in fact you carefully avoided it by saying: "@arosiriak: Its bran spanking new if that clears it all up for you. "

It doesn't clear anything up. What is your specific warranty on this item? SONY LTD does not warranty ANY gray market items. If you are getting these from china - and they are being exported outside of Sony's direct distribution (likely, given the price) then it is gray market. Gray market is a product that is sold outside of its intended market, or outside of a company's direct line of distribution. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc all keep track of serial numbers for this very purpose.

So, can you please answer the question more clearly - brand new or not - do these have a warranty, either the 1 year SONY warranty (and can you prove it) or an equivalent warranty from you?


The items are not sold out of there warranty limitations, they are sold specifically to be sold in the US and nowhere else. Nintendo WILL honor their warranty


This is a playstation thread. Nintendo is now honoring sony warranties?

nice cut and paste job. At least when i cut and paste, i bother to proof read.

Anyways - please see my comments in the nintendo thread: