deals12 sharpie accent pocket style highlighters for…

vote-for9vote-against thanks,too many problems with this site.


i just ordered 4 of them with free shipping using paypal....i hope everything works out....but as far as i can tell, it was an easy transaction.


@tigrekill: Very very slow shipping. Poor packaging,had an item shipped in a plastic bag,no padding at all and it arrived in 6-7 pieces and they would not make good on the item even after I sent them photos. The last time, they canceled an order and did not tell me,when I contacted them after three weeks they said they canceled it due to a procesing error in their system. It then took them a total of almost 10 weeks to give me a credit and would not answer my emails. None of my purchases(about a dozen) were expensive items but I'm done with them.
I hope you don't have any problems with your order.


this would be a good deal, if they were multiple colors instead of duplicates of yellow and the likes. Cheap sharpies at walmart, same price