dealstivoli audio iyiyi stereo system (black/silver…


I-4 and below only, These will probably be $10 in a month or two


Still seems like a good deal now...


I own one ... so heed this aspect from the manufacturer:

iYiYi compatible with: 4-6 Generation iPod Classic, 1-2 Generation iPod mini, 1-5 Generation iPod Nano, 1-2 Generation iPod Touch

Nevermind the dock connector - there are no means to upgrade the firmware, which means you're stuck with it being only compatible with older iDevices. Sound quality is pretty good, but the lack of support means it's not much more than a table radio.


A friend of mine has a product from this same company. It is quite different and about 3 or 4 years old now. It has no dock, just radio and an aux input. However I just came to say that the audio quality is excellent, and the durability is clearly decent since it has lasted this long and gets transported quite a bit. Used it while camping last year and it was great.

So if you are wondering about quality, it's good. I cannot help with the dock issues though, however if you are the kind of person who would buy an apple product, who cares about docking compatability. As long as it looks good, amiright?