dealslolshirts st. patrick’s day sale: pricing from $6…


Can anyone comment on the quality of the tees vs. good ole reliably comfy Shirt.Woot? Thanks!


I like this one :): Bipolar lol


The LOL /Tanga tees are a thicker heavier shirt than the Woot tees. I buy a bunch of them for my work shirts .(I work in a factory.)


Pretty sketchy. I placed an order using the code then it hid the total through the process saying that I would see the price before paying then there was no chance to confirm the amount.
After completing the order it showed $9.99 plus shipping of $1.99 - no discount was applied.
If it is a mistake, why hide the total and offer no chance to confirm?
I canceled the order right away.


Discount code worked for me!


discount code worked fine on multiple orders


Discount code worked perfect for me and showed me the discount in a column on the left side of the screen before I ever clicked to confirm purchase.


It said my one t-shirt may arrive in multiple packages. Is it a t-shirt kit?


I'm going to wait for the "Dumb Polack/Greasy Italian/Fried Chicken and Watermelon shirts.

The last of the socially acceptable ethnic jokes have started even earlier this year.