dealsmaxboost samsung galaxy s4 i9500 cases, batteries…


Can anyone comment on the quality of their cases?


@dlin91: I got one of the slims when they were $5.95. It is very slim, but would offer a little extra protection. At $2.95 it is more in line with its value. If it could be used with the official Samsung flip cover it would be better.


Does anyone have any experience with these batteries? They're pretty cheap. I'm weary that they are 2300mAh -- the S4 battery is 2600mAh.

Official Samsung spare battery isn't available yet but a whopping $50 on Amazon.


@dlin91: I got one of the slim cases recently and it's already had some of the coating on the corner peel off and expose the white plastic. for $2.95 it's not bad but I would just put that money towards a better case. Especially for an expensive phone like the S4.