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One of the reviewers said it best:

"Usually, you can count on Amazon to help out with this by viewing the permissions the app requires in the app's Product Description section.

Note that TODAY, 3/3/12, there are NONE listed for this app.... ZERO. But that's NOT what you get when you download this app and then install it. There are TWO permissions this app is asking for upon install that were NOT LISTED in the Product Description, and those are Storage (Modify or delete SD card contents) and Phone calls (read phone state). I'm pretty sure the developer put them here and fully expected the masses to ignore the mystery and summize that the storage is needed to keep the scores, and that the phone calls is needed to keep the game running when a call comes in, and it's working (judging by some reviews)."


DEAD AS OF 1:23 A.M. ................


Wish I'd read the comments before I clicked. I just paid $1.07 for it! D'oh!