dealsapple ipad 2 or ipad 3 durable, hard back…


it was called The New.. oh wait, no one gives a (profanity)


It does not seem to be smart cover compatible


I would not get this for a ipad3. I have an ipad3 and every snap on back cover I have tried that says that it snaps onto both the 2 and 3 does not work on the 3. They are slightly different in size, so anything that is tight enough to snap on, there is a decent chance it won't fit.


It's still mind-boggling to me that people would spend hundreds of dollars to get an iPad, and put a cheap looking, crappy, non-protective, poorly-fitted "case" on them.

For something that's not protective against shock, you might as well at least keep the style by getting a skin like the SlickWraps or an Incase. Just a few bucks more and you don't look like a cheapskate...that's the point of having an iPad, right?


there a lot more "trendy" colors than i thought there were...but still, poor brown.


I have "The New" iPad (3) and the iPad 2 too - I find that since the difference in depth is minimal (something like 0.03") the cheaper cases do fit both.


You do have a valid concern - the dimensions of the iPad 2 are slightly different to those of The New iPad. Therefore there are some cases (and stands) that will only fit one and not the other.
These cases were designed to fit the iPad 3 - and fit it perfectly. We tried the iPad 2 with the case too, and found that it fits the iPad 2 too (albeit a little tighter and snugger). So, rather than market this as just an iPad 3 case, we mention the iPad 2 as well since it's compatible with both.
All4Cellular Marketing Team.


wouldn't it be tighter around the ipad 3 since its thicker?


Correct - the 'little tighter and snugger' part was referring to the iPad 3 case - it fits them both, but it's a little tighter and snugger on The New iPad.


@allforcellular: Can you confirm these don't work with the Apple Smart Cover?


@lll0228: I'm not sure how much the SlickWrap is (the link was non-working) but $79.95 for a case is a bit more than $3.00, even with the $2.00 shipping.

I get your point, but there's a bit of a price difference. Maybe some people just don't have the extra $79.95 after buying the iPad. It is a bit of an investment for some people.

All of that aside, that is a nice case.