dealslego star wars key chain light for $5.00


It's kind of a scam. They're $5 plus $2 shipping unless you buy $15 worth, then shipping is free. BUT, you can't buy one of each. You could buy three Darth Vaders and get free shipping. But you can't buy Darth, a Storm Trooper and Yoda. To do that, you need three different orders, and three different $2 shipping charges. What BS.


Groupon is pro gun control.


Cool! I'd thought about getting Yoda when I saw it at Target, but didn't want it for $12. Turns out I had $5 in Groupon credit, so I got him for $2.61 shipped.


Here's how you scam them back:
1. Generate your own referral link to this deal.
2. Create new email to use the referral, pay the $7, get $10 referral credit.
3. Profit.
4. Repeat.


In for yoda. I've bought hubby one every year for the past 3 years. Started with the plain Lego man, then fader, then a storm trooper. Now hopefully this little one is here in time for valentines day. 2 1/2 week shipping :( worth it for the price though. They take a beating from his keys.


All the more reason to buy from Groupon.

In for three.


Boycotting Groupon due to their knee-jerk anti-gun policies.