dealslego star wars key chain light for $5.00


Cool! I'd thought about getting Yoda when I saw it at Target, but didn't want it for $12. Turns out I had $5 in Groupon credit, so I got him for $2.61 shipped.


Boycotting Groupon due to their knee-jerk anti-gun policies.


It's kind of a scam. They're $5 plus $2 shipping unless you buy $15 worth, then shipping is free. BUT, you can't buy one of each. You could buy three Darth Vaders and get free shipping. But you can't buy Darth, a Storm Trooper and Yoda. To do that, you need three different orders, and three different $2 shipping charges. What BS.


Here's how you scam them back:
1. Generate your own referral link to this deal.
2. Create new email to use the referral, pay the $7, get $10 referral credit.
3. Profit.
4. Repeat.


Groupon is pro gun control.


All the more reason to buy from Groupon.

In for three.


In for yoda. I've bought hubby one every year for the past 3 years. Started with the plain Lego man, then fader, then a storm trooper. Now hopefully this little one is here in time for valentines day. 2 1/2 week shipping :( worth it for the price though. They take a beating from his keys.