dealskalorik 3.5 quart slow cooker for $32.00


So, why is this a Woot! deal ? Here's a 4 Qt one (at least on sale) for $24.99 found with Bing on 'Slow Cooker'...
I got a digital programmable one on Black Friday for $8, if that were still on sale, I'd list it on Woot! I thought Woot! was for DEALs, not normal retail advertising...


@thomaswbowman: It's not the same product. Your link went to a Crock-Pot, this is a Kalorik, which is a completely different level of quality. It's below Retail by a good margin.

You wouldn't say a Chevy is the same as a Cadillac just because the engines have the same displacement and they both take you from A-to-B, right?