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Is it necessary to subscribe to a service in order to use Roku?

IOW, can I just find free streaming sources of any kind like plain old free Hulu or Justin TV) and watch that way or must I subscribe to Hulu plus, Netflix or other streaming services?


@shelaghc: You don't necessarily have to sign up for a service. There are a few free things, but for the good ones like Netflix and Hulu Plus, you do. Hulu on here is the Hulu Plus version only, so you do have to sign up for it unfortanately. If you have HBO you can sign on to HBOGo with it as well.

I have one of the older versions, and I love it. I only have high speed internet and the basic cable package (it was cheaper than no cable TV w/Comcast) almost all my content is online stuff.


This is not a bad price for a "brand new" Roku, shipped. I just paid $50 for a used XD and the only difference is this one only offers 720p and no Ethernet port (wireless only).

This is currently the bottom of the line product the offer. The 2HD offers bluetooth, the 2XD offers 1080p, and the 2XS offers Ethernet and USB ports.

Wikipedia actually has a great comparison chart of the models:


Ah well. Money is tight for me and I watch a lot of stuff streaming via my computer and an S Video cable. I thought this might save my a little computer usage but it sounds like that's not an option with Roku.


@shelaghc: There is a free movie channel called Crackle that has some decent, although small selection, of films and television. There are some links to online content, shows like Mad Money on CNN. And there are a couple streaming news channels. Beyond that, you have to pay for subscriptions to Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, etc. I have both Netflix and Hulu. $17 a month is a lot less than my cable bill used to be.


So, to confirm, this model does support streaming Netflix, right?


Yeah, it support the most streaming services in one box. Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Amazon, etc


How is this a deal? its the same price as a new one anywhere else


It's not really a deal; it's just a newer version that doesn't have the memory card slot. It's the same price on Amazon and

I love mine. I have a few paid services (Netflix, Hulu+, and a few Amazon video purchases--if you link your Amazon account they'll give you a credit for movie/tv rentals/purchases, and if you're a prime member there's a bunch of content you can watch for free). I also use several free services, such as Pandora (music), Pub-d-Hub (movies/tv shows/commercials/wacky old educational films that have fallen into the public domain), and a few newsy "channels." The selection is not as expansive as cable TV, but this is much cheaper and there's always something to watch. I don't think it's worth buying if you're not going to subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, which is where the bulk of the content comes from (for me at least). Overall, though, I highly recommend it.


@chains101: But at, you have to pay shipping. Here on Amazon it is free. Plus, a lot of us have been waiting for this version to come out for some time, so it's nice to know it is finally available.


That's true; I didn't notice that it's the only ROKU on their own site that doesn't come with free shipping.


I wish I had known these were coming out. 1 month ago I ordered two of the $60 ones and had to pay shipping. Sadface. Anyhow, I have three total boxes and think they are great. I am signed up with Amazon Prime, and all of the streaming stuff they are adding is really great, plus free 2-shipping on purchases etc. The roku boxes work great, I had to register my card with to cover any purchases I might make, but have a PIN to safeguard, and don't really order anything. My family has gotten use out of Crackle (free, but has commercials) and Amazon. I have no feedback on Netflix or Hulu though.
For those with PCs for streaming, these devices run off of ~5 watts. That was a major selling point for me. I can watch a lot of streaming video, with out running up my electric bill even faster. In the end for $50 and no shipping it is a pretty good item. If you could use something like it, I recommend getting one and trying it out.


I have the Roku 2 XS and LOVE IT

I don't see any reason to be the LT when the HD is $59 and has Bluetooth and the MicroSD Slot and free shipping if you buy it off the Roku Site



questions -- can you stream media from your pc to roku (xvids, etc.)

and can you use the sd card in higher models to load up movie and play directly from the card?


@rsnyc: Yes there are TONS of Channels that you can use to Stream Music, Pictures, Video to your Roku

On the SD Card I've never tried loading content via the SD so I have No Idea, From what I've heard you can use the Storage on the SD Card to use additional channels

The XS has a USB Port so I play Video from either my Flash Drive or External Hard Drive


I got my roku refurbished, via the last time Woot had them up...i'm about to grab two more, to replace the Wii and a media PC i've been running as netflix boxes in the house.
Yes it runs netflix, yes it runs pandora, and flixstre and a bunch of other free crap you'll never watch, but it also has a few different tweaks that allow you to run a virtual server via your main Comp, then stream to any Roku box in the house. They're all kind of beta at the moment, you have to recode to mp4, and sometimes things don't work....but once you get the bugs worked out you've got a CHEAP solution to fully networking your home and cutting the cable without losing any programming options. A VPN and a Netflix subscription is a lot cheaper than most bills.
Either way, raku box by itself= full of win, roku box + beta options in the works is even better.
oh and most importantly there are several options for free internet porn and lolcat videos via the "private channels" (listed on the roku site)


the roku lt has gotten cnet's editor choice, there are 4 rokus to choose from. i called up roku and they say the channel limit on the lt is up to 120 channels, well depending on size. i have an older hdtv with component video, so i will be getting the older xds.


@orpheusfenix: What is your experience with streaming more than one box at a time? I had difficulty streaming my Roku and Wii at the same time. I have braodband cable and wondering if it would be worth paying another $10 a month for the higher bandwidth so my girlfriend and I can watch TV in different parts of the house (I really don't like Grey's Anatomy).

However, I did hook the Roku up through a modulator and split the coax cable to run to two TVs upstairs. That way I can go back and forth between the office and bedroom and see the same show and my girlfriend doesn't have to follow me around.