dealsnavy and white two piece bathing suit, misses and…


And for 35% off + free shipping

Marina Bay Slimsuit
UjENA Product # Z298
$108 + shipping


How do these deals even get on the front page????


@andy2fast4: People on vote for good deals and they become Popular... that's how good deals get on the front page.

I guess I can understand your confusion. Since you have never found a good deal to offer the community and have never voted for any deals I have to assume you wouldn't know a good deal if you saw one :-)


@andy2fast4: Because people upvote based on the poster not on the "deal".
Which is exactly why your post has negative votes (as will mine) and snide comments have been upvoted.
Obviously the 'popular' page is not for popular deals, but for popular posters---WOOT rules be damned.


I think it is because all of the people on here like seeing their mom.


I'll be happy to remove the top padding and sliding the side bottoms...if you know what I mean


@donslin: It would appear that these posted deals generate significant sales for the OP otherwise she wouldn't waste the valuable time and effort necessary to maintain her web Site and to post them here where a multitude of customers wait to purchase them....

If you don't like what you see, just move along...


As a consumer, seeing this vendor constantly manipulate this site, quite possibly by voting these items up themselves (because I can't imagine consumers thinking this junk is a great deal worth sharing around - notice their items are NEVER posted by others who thought it was share worthy) until they show up on this page, causes me to disregard most other things posted here as well. I used to buy lots of things off this page, but this vendor continuously posts "deals" that aren't really a deal. It just eats into the credibility of the real deals posted here. Is this site for the sharing of deals, or is it for shameless self promotion? I think when WOOT allows this to go on, they misrepresent this page. Ocheri should pay and be at the top of the page. And WOOT loses credibility every time they allow this to go on.


Bass Pro Shops or Blondes in Bikinis....which to choose. ....


@startanew2: Completely agree.

@ohcheri: Your comment to andy2fast4 isn't really applicable since you're only here to self promote. The real test of how good your deals are would be to stop self-posting and see how many of your customers seek them out and repost here.

I wish deals.woot had a hide feature like on facebook. :(


It's always the people who are too lazy to bring deals to our community who whine the most about the deals they see.

Why don't these "deal experts" bring anything of value to our community? I guess they want to keep all the good stuff for themselves :-)


"Why don't these "deal experts" bring anything of value to our community?"

Because we have nothing to self-promote.


@djrussell: So you're claiming that ALL of the community members who post a deal here are self promoting? Then why aren't you commenting on every deal?


No Ocheri, not all of us are posters - many of us are BUYERS. Which do you prefer? I have limited computer time, so by the time I find a deal, it's already been posted here. I would think as a vendor you'd be more interested in attracting BUYERS than people who merely post the deals and don't buy them. And your constant non-deal posts are driving the BUYERS away causing other vendors to lose sales on items that are REALLY a deal. I used to check this page every day, but when it's full of BS deals like yours, it becomes a waste of my time. There are lots of other places that only list REAL deals. They show up on my facebook newsfeed without any special effort. People like you are why pages like this eventually fade out.


[i]So you're claiming that ALL of the community members who post a deal here are self promoting?[/i]

Not at all.


The way you're using deals.woot is against the intent of the site. That's what bugs me. The mods allow it though so I guess it's okay. Do I expect anything to change? No. Every time someone makes noise about it do I expect you to play the victim and rally others? You betcha. Why would you give up free advertising? Fight or flight. You fight. In the end, I don't really care. I have better things to do but my deals.woot experience would be a [i]little[/i] more enjoyable if I didn't see your posts here [i]all[/i] the time.


hmmm... not having good luck with the bbcode.