dealssylvania 7-inch mini tablet express + pc with…


This is a refurbished unit.


I got one of these a few months back. I am actually pretty pleased with mine. It is not top end by any means. If you want an Ipad or equivalent, get one. However, if you want a cheap device that you can use with wifi this works pretty well. The one I got had the youtube app, and can link up to my gmail account and amazon account for the free apps of the day. I installed the kindle app, but have yet to use it.
The battery lasts ~3hrs even with video. Mine supports a 32GB micro SD(I have one in it). I have also put a few DVDs on the memory card and they play well(I get good sound on opera, so it comes down to your headphone quality). The built in speaker is poor, most are. I have trouble connecting it to my computer, but just use the SD to transfer stuff anyway. The wifi sometimes has trouble connecting, but not usually. I cannot get the HDMI out to work, but I have not tried much. The touch screen is decent for resistive. Hope my experience helps anyone interested.


Almost bought it for the kid but good lord the reviews are horrid. But should I expect anything less from a 1) Sylvania product 2) A $70 tablet? no. pass.