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Hmmm... I guess they put these on sale when they think the world is going to end. Who needs to know the time anyway?


@guitardrainer: DON'T RUIN IT!! NOOOO....JK. But if amazon has free shipping its a better deal there. Does it?


Their stuff is not new as they claim. Good luck trying to return it.
I bought a watch from them which turns out to be worn and not new as they claim. After 2 weeks trying to contact some one at that place to get a return authorization, I gave up. Luckily, I bought thru and contacted reps. Even they had difficulties contacting that company. Buyer beware: you have been warned.


@sonnycam: Either you're lying or are one of the few who had a bad experience.

Here are 720 reviews that come out to 9.22 out of 10.

And the BBB gives it an A+


I've been looking at the Invicta name for a while now, they're good looking watches with a lot of styles, but there are mixed reviews all over the internet as to the quality.
Any wooters have one and love it?

I've been wearing my huge Nautica chronograph for a few years now and love having a large time piece on my wrist.


I own a few Invicta automatic pro divers. I bought one "swiss" quartz chrono. The autos all keep great time and I paid no more than $70 for any of them. The chrono I paid $80 for and died at 6mo old. Invicta's warrany is not worth the paper it's printed on! they demand $25 for handling to service the warranty. I tossed the chrono and moved on. My personal take on Invicta is this, if you like the watch and the price paid won't break you to trash it? go for it. It's a fashion watch, not a great time peice, and you are warned about the warranty.


@spikedknight: I bought two of them and both had problems within a year. One of them had the band fall off the watch while I was wearing it, and the other one's hands started to discolor and corrode.

I'm not hard on watches... I have some watches that I have had for over 20 years, but Invictas are pure garbage.


Buy an Invicta if you just want something to put on your wrist. I promise you, you won't be impressing anyone who has any knowledge of watches. Invicta is owned by a Florida based holding company. They do not actually make watches, they contract them out.

In regards to the "Swiss Made" moniker, it's a bit misleading. “It is not generally known that quite a few Swiss companies have watches assembled in China for export to the rest of the world where the brand name is more important that the “Swiss made” label. Such watches may consist of a Chinese case and crystal, a Taiwan-made dial and metal bracelet and Japanese hands. If the movement is to be considered Swiss, 51% of its value must be Swiss and at least the last wheel must be added in Switzerland.”

The real trouble comes when you have a problem with your watch. Invicta is notoriously horrible when it comes to customer service and warranty repair.


Unless you buy a watch much for the same reason women buy earrings - to match outfits, then I'm assuming you are buying a watch for it's intended purpose: to tell time. In this case it is a tool and Invicta's fall short in this area. There is no telling how much time your Invicta watch will be off.

In my opinion, you are better saving up and buying a COSC certified chronometer from a watch company that makes their own movements. You will be assured via the COSC standards that your watch will never be off more than a few seconds and will have a quality watch that will be an heirloom.

I'm not a watch industry floozy, I'm just a watch enthusiast that frowns upon Invicta's guerilla marketing and subpar products. If you are looking for a budget minded watch from a reputable maker that actually makes its own movements and is actually a legitimate watch producing entity, as opposed to a holding company and nothing more than a brand name, check out offerings by Orient, Seiko, Hamilton, etc


I've owned an Invicta watch for several years. It's worked fine and looked great.

It did exactly what it's supposed to do - tell time. It was maybe off a minute or two every year or so. Certainly nothing major.

I also got pretty regular compliments on it too. A first for a watch I've owned!


@propaghandi: Are there any particular steel-band watches you would recommend for <$150?


Invictas are crap, save your money.


@stryker4526: Citizen or Bulova. Long warranty, classic quality, solid mid-range watches. You'll find list prices of $250 to $450, but nobody pays that, there are always deals for $150 and less. The last Bulova I bought on eBay was new in the box(and was verified genuine) for $89. Be patient and cheap will come.
What was said about Invicta is true of a number of marques: what used to held in high regard is now just a name(usually bought by a holding company), now with Chinese manufacturing. Plus, there are so many knock-offs of not-so-expensive watches, you would think it unlikely that anyone would do that. You would be surprised, so KNOW what you're buying is real, whether eBay or a dealer.
Just sad.


@propaghandi: Wow, trying to compare Invicta, Orient, Hamilton, and the COSC all in one rant!

First off, Swatch group owns most watch brands (including Hamilton) and manufactures the movements by ETA, which they also own.

Seiko, Rolex, and Orient make their own movements. Those 3 shouldn't even be in the sentence. Not even all Rolex movements are COSC certified.

Invicta makes some good watches and some cheap watches, but lets not just ramble about Kias, Porsches, and Chevrolets without some qualification.


Good resellerratings/BBB reviews or not, I ordered some earrings from Jomashop a few months ago from a deal posted here and received an empty (save for invoice/marketing materials) sealed bubble mailer. E-mailed them about the issue and never heard a word. Made the mistake of using a debit card to pay so a chargeback was next to impossible.. But I will never do business with this company again, even if they were offering a Rolex for $5...

Mistakes happen, I know.. But at least acknowledge your customer's existence when they do occur.


@propaghandi: Yeah, I agree with you on Invicta, their practices are rather underhanded. The holding company is just riding on the coattails of what was once a good name.

I myself actually picked up two Orient watches. I purchased one of their basic models and liked it so much I went ahead and got one of their higher-end "Orient Star" watches. Almost all of their watches that have bracelets come with solid steel links, and most of those have solid end-links as well. They really make an amazing product at an unbeatable price (use their 50% off coupons).


I, too, would choose Orient over Invicta. I have acquired several swiss time pieces (mostly vintage Rolex) but Orients are used for my every day watch, especially when I don't want to seem like I'm showing off. I frequent two watch service centers in my area and both attest to the quality of Orients and their in-house movements and have specifically called out Invicta for being sub-par without me even bringing them up. I've seen many websites also reference a brand called Alpha as a reliable, low-cost 'homage' brand like Invicta, and those actually check in a little bit cheaper ($50+).

As for Jomashop, I have ordered several watch winders from them when they put them on sale. I've always gotten them pretty quick and while I was disappointed they come with no warranty (one had one of the watch holders break a couple months after purchase) I would continue to buy from them and recommend them.


Invictas truly are crap. Most are designed to look like famous name brand watches, yet bring a lack of quality to the party. Those no-name watches stacked on the tables at TJMaxx are about the same quality, but at least they are cheaper.
Want to get a watch that just plain works and tells time? Get a friggin Timex. I got a Timex that looks a lot like my Luminox and the damned Timex keeps better time and most people can't tell the difference.
I haven't worn any of my three Rolexes in years.