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This is an outstanding game, I personally feel it even outshines Oblivion just a little bit, due to being a little more in depth, and that's saying a lot since Oblivion's one of my favorite games of all time.

When you get it, though, you'll definitely want a better textures mod, because it is starting to look dated, but thanks to a strong modding community for this game, there's some fantastic graphical update mods.

A good thread to look in to find ones compatible with the Steam version is here-


@dan699: Gotta love it when someone answers a question for you before you even ask! I spent something like 150 hours on Oblivion and never even played Shivering $5 for Morrowind sounds like pretty cheap entertainment.


Purchased, along with Oblivion.

I already own both games (except oblivion expansion packs)... Think this is the 3rd time I've bought Morrowind, but now I don't have to track down the CDs/DVD when I want to play.


This is simply an outstanding deal!


$19.99 now. Seems the deal is dead.