dealsbarnes & noble nook hd+ 16gb tablet w/ 9…


I've had one running CM 10.1 for a while. It was a steal at $159, Im tempted to buy another at this price.


You can buy a new one from B&N HD+ 9inch for $149. So you save $29 for buying pre-owned. Still a good deal.


Dang, if only it was the nook with glowlight!


@superattorney: Agreed. The Nooks are the type of thing that the refurbished (Certified Pre-owned) makes sense. They are indistinguishable from new with the same warranty. I see no real compelling reason to go for a new one.


Perfect timing, wife was just wanting something like this.


I order it the day before yestrday at $109.99.


@interfang: Where? Certified Pre-owned w/ 1 year warranty?


I picked one up for the same price from Groupon Goods and it arrived 3 days ago. Certified pre-owned, but it looks new. I'm loving it. I would like to have gotten a Nexus 10, but this is less than half the price, so I'm thrilled. I bought it mainly to read comics and magazines, but find myself using it more than my first gen Nexus 7. :-) The skinned Android interface takes some getting used to, but the screen is gorgeous. :-)