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I have never owned, used, or actually seen a Roku. Whats the difference between this Roku and the one that sold out yesterday?


We have a Roku LT, and it's a neat little device for any TV that you don't already have something internet-able attached to.

Regarding the difference between the two...

I think yesterday's was the "HD" and this is the "HD-XR", which I think has differences of a USB port and dual-band N wireless.


It seems like this is a version that is even older than the Roku being sold yesterday for the same price... These devices are still really good, but this is an older one. Might as well pony up the extra cash and get the one from the Roku site for $70, unless you need the extra ports, or the dual band.


does usb port here do anything good?


There is now a Roku USB Media Channel you can add so you would be able to watch video from a flash drive or external drive. It doesn't appear to support AVI files though.


@teenracer6: This one is N1101, top of the line for 2009; yesterday's was 2100X, top of the line 2010.

This N1101 has one ADVANTAGE over 2100X: compatible with more older TVs - has S-video output; has regular R-G-B component outputs, no need to buy proprietary cable like 2100X

N1101 has one DISADVANTAGE to 2100X: it's IR remote does not have the "bonus" buttons that were added in later models ("*" for Info and "instant replay"). If you have smart phone though, "there are apps for that" - for example this one (for iOS) is full featured remote over WiFi - and more.

The other differences are negligible: N1101 is in a bigger box; 2100X was refurb and not new. Both have the same components inside apparently and both have the same software capabilities - Roku keeps releasing firmware updates for them. Both can't show Netflix subtitles.

Both N1101 and 2100X have DUAL-BAND 802.11n for those who care - the 2011 new "Roku2" line has no dual-N.


@enterr: Roku XR can use the remote of Roku XD or XDS and replay button for 30 sec works fine.


@the18thtee84: The best part of this one is that it's got an s-video port. With older TVs all the newer Rokus leave you with composite, which looks like crap.

In for one!


@aftab7000: Excellent! I should be able to just program the remote for the XDS into my Acoustic Research remote I got from a few months ago.


i love my roku! I can watch Japanese dramas on dailymotion channel. It steams super fast!


@jamesbottomtooth: There is a Roku Channel to play media from an attached USB Drive.


In December I got a Roku LT and the family loves it. A month later a friend gave me his Roku (this model), so I can directly compare the two. Our reality is we use the devices for streaming Amazon, Crackle and a number of other channels (wireless). Both models exceed in this regard. There is no essential difference between them. The physical devices are a little different but the user experience is the same.

Are the remotes a little different, yes. Does it matter in daily use, no.

Are the Rokus a little different, yes. Does it matter in daily use, no.


It's hard to motivate me to use my roku when I have one of the newish blu-ray players with all of the apps, and an xbox, and a wii hooked up to the TV. I pretty much only switch to the Roku to stream family photos from snapfish and that's it.


Ethernet port- slightly more stable connections to streaming services.
Optical audio out- for direct connections to A/V receivers. Dolby 5.1 support for most Amazon titles.

Incompatible with newer Netflix features: Subtitles, Dolby Digital Plus and adaptive bitrate streaming. (only version 2 Rokus support this)

I have an HD-XR in the bdrm and a 2 HD in the media room. I like the 2 slightly better.


I already have this model, most of the features have been run down by other posters but one thing missing is whether it can play 1080p or not, in short the answer is no. The device is capable of doing so, but roku has not released a firmware update to enable it, though they said they would. If you plan on using this on a big screen 1080p TV be advised it will only support 720p.

In short get this only if you plan on using it on an older/720p TV and do not need subtitles. Spend a few $ more if your TV is newer on a more recent model.


I have been using a vizio blu-ray that has wifi for watching Hulu Plus... A lot of times we'll be watching a show and then when it goes to a commercial and tries to come back it says "there was a problem loading your video" and then won't play the show anymore...

If i go to huluplus on my phone or computer though, the show plays fine. I am thinking the wifi blu-ray is glitchy, not hulu...

Anyone use Roku's to watch Hulu plus? Ever get those types of errors? I'm very close to clicking BUY. ;) Thanks!


sputniq, I have a Roku and have concluded the loading thing has something to do with the specific service. When I use Crackle, I will sometimes get the error that causes reloading. However, I whenever I use Amazon, I never get the error.


@aftab7000: correct, any Roku player can be controlled with IR remote from another Roku player - but those remote are not available for purchase anymore. Roku is out of stock of infrared remotes; on Amazon you will have to shell out $40 for one such remote, which is absurd. Better would be to get one of the cheap Logitech Harmony from RadioShag and program it


@enterr: true, I use my droid to control my LT.


@killerorca: I too own this model. The 1080p software update was pushed out around the end of 2010 as I recall. Since this update, I have been able to view 1080p videos without any problem using the HDMI output. Perhaps your unit did not receive this update? FYI, my latest software revision on the Roku is version 3.1 - build 1011.

For what it is worth, I purchased my Roku XR refurbished on Woot for $70 back in September 2010. $60 for a brand new unit is a pretty good deal, especially if you want/need the extra output jacks. True, this unit will not play Angry Birds, or show closed captions on Netflix, but it truly excels as an Internet streaming device.