deals30% off (50% for plus members) of ps3 ultimate…


Game list continued:
*L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition: $27.99 ($19.59 for PlayStation Plus Members!)
*Mafia II with Betrayal of Jimmy, Greaser Pack, Jimmy’s Vendetta, Joe’s Adventure, Renegade Pack, Vegas Pack and Hero Pack: $20.99 ($14.69 for PlayStation Plus Members!)
*Just Cause 2 Ultimate Edition: $20.99 ($14.69 for PlayStation Plus Members!)
*Mortal Kombat with the Warrior Bundle and Klassic Skins Pack 1: $34.99 ($24.49 for PlayStation Plus Members!)


@adam113089: lol you put "for PRIME members" in the title (too much Amazon heh). Pretty sure it's actually PLUS! right? :D


@drchops: haha yea I realized that a little too late. I tattled and asked them to change it so we'll see


I'm not trying to start a console war, but I'm pretty pissed that Xbox never seems to give out good deals like this. I might start using my PS3 as my main console for stuff like this, plus the fact that Xbox never gives away free games just for being a Gold member like PS does.


Aw!, Playstation Plus, not Amazon Prime, clicked for nuttin


what if you already own the game, any deal on the DLC?