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Membership info problems - this site is terrible, along with its sister sites '7 Deadly Deals', 'That Daily Deal', and '13 Deals'. (There's another, 'Locobuy', that I've never tried). They have an admin system that never seems to recognize my password from one order to the next, requiring a reset. Each site has its own login but they share login info, so resetting one password means updating all, if you keep a list. I tried submitting a complaint, but if your complaint relates to an account you have to provide your password (?!). I appreciate a deal, but you need to spend a couple of bucks on someone who knows web design.


Thank you for the head's up. I have tried a few community deals and the sites were awful!
Appreciate your sharing.


@email4dj: I just have to come to their defense to point out that there are a ton of upvotes (which I will guess are from people with similar experiences to my own), and I have had experiences with nearly all of the sister sites, including this one, which were very positive. Their shipping is slow, but such is the cost of these kinds of sites. I've had to deal with order modifications after placement, and when following the instructions of acting quickly I have had good results. I also have never had log in issues, and suggest maybe it has to do with the use of oddball characters in your passwords?

Not trying to say your experience isn't valid, but just don't want a negative comment about cheaply made site many people may not be familiar with to be the only written comment, and dissuade someone from using a perfectly reputable company.