dealswestern digital wd av-gp wd20eurs 2tb 64mb cache…


Slight nitpick. Picture shows a Black drive but the actual deal is one of the low power Green drives.


@sunsparc: It says "Green Power" right on it...... in green.


This is NOT a deal! I paid the same on Amazon for a Seagate 3 TB external USB "Extension" external hard drive. I have clocked both its reads and writes at a average of 160 MB/second with about 140 minimum and 170 peak in both Windows 7 and 8. A 1.5 GB file was whooshed off and back to to my SSD in under 10 seconds. Well under. I have only had it for a couple of days, but it is the fastest hard drive I have ever used either internal or external. (I deliberately moved a large file to my SSD instead of using one of my other internal hard drives because I knew that they were slow and would be a bottleneck. I did not use HD Tune because it threw an error at a >2 TB HDD.)

Save your money on that USB 2 sh!t. if you do not have a USB 3 machine, you can buy a cheap PCI express drop-in. I won't even buy a USB 2 thumb drive anymore.


@firebirdude: The deal picture, not the NewEgg picture.


I've got a similar model. Great price for a basic storage drive.