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Not 720p. 1024x768. These old panels really need to go away. But to be honest, I'd prolly buy one if it was $300. $500 is just way too much especially when you can buy a TC-P50S60 for $100 more and get a full 1920x1080 resolution.


Do not buy a plasma TV. The little money you save buying an outdated plasma TV will be quickly eaten up by the increase in your electrical bill. Plasma uses much more electricity than LCD, especially if you go with LED LCD,


Plasma still make sense for a lot of people. Especially in the media room that is already dark and all you do is turn it on watch the show and turn it off. Unrivaled picture quality. My bedroom is like that. EVERYTHING is hooked to it. DirecTV, hulu, Amazon, Roku, Netflix, voodoo, 5 TB of bit torrent. Turn on, watch the show, turn off. If you have kids or something where the TV is turned on when someone gets up and turned off at the end of the day, then definitely get LED LCD.