dealsemergen-c vitamin drink mix sample for $0.00…


I've thought of trying these, but never wanted to buy them & hate them. In for 1!


I've bought the super orange, berry and the lemon lime flavors in the past and prefer the orange above all others. These aren't just for recovery either, there's a great drink that I've made with citrus vodak, ice, water and one of these's great for all day drinking. very refreshing.


Can't get a free sample if you have already received a free sample in the past.
I did this over a tear ago and can not get another one.


Shame that they promote this as an immune boosting product, when the evidence is solidly against vitamin C having any beneficial effects for the immune system.


Love free sample. Thank you.


Had to try it. Anyone know of a site that lists free samples? I'd like to try that too.


•In order to share the fizz with everyone, we can only allow one sample request per email address, per household. Find where Emergen-C vitamin drink mix is sold near you.