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Nice! This is a great deal and I wanted to get the whole set and I think I remember what those were. Bummer!


@mozzerrocks: Well, here you go:
Blade Blu-Ray Collection

I will point out that it is $60 and NOT on sale, though.

Thanks for the laugh. My 18 year old daughter knows what DVD's are; VHS as well. :)


Target has it on sale in store for 8 bucks today. Online here:

Free shipping and 5% discount if you pay with your Target "Red" Card.

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@fez: Awesome. Post it as a deal.


@mozzerrocks: I feel your pain. I've been waiting for the blu-ray set of Blade to drop to under $30 as long as I can remember. I watched the first Blade on DVD last week and it was...painful. Don't do it. However, thanks for the deal, Blade in any form deserves a rep+


@stopher2475: No, Westly Snipes went to jail, and the third Blade sucked.
The other dvd, is the series that never made it past one season.


Stay away from the blu ray until they make a proper american release of it. The blu rays currently out are imports that do not have the unrated or extended cuts. I have bought several imports and the quality was always lacking. This is not to be confused with the region free sets. They are exactly the same as the regular blu rays. The imports, like the blade movies, are lacking in picture and audio quality, nit to mention they provide zero extras. I usually don't buy movies for the extras, but getting the unrated blades with the alternate endings is a must IMO.


Whats with all the DVD haters?? Maybe I need thicker glasses but I can only see a slight difference in quality in BR over DVD. I'm to old maybe??