dealsdewalt 18-volt nicad cordless 4-tool combo kit…


I bought one of these combo kits before. Ends up I only use the drill and the rest sits and collects dust. I will make note to point out the size of the circular saw. It's tiny. Tried to use it once and it wasn't deep enough to cut through what I needed. If you'll take a look at the picture posted on Amazon, it's barely able to make it through that board!

I'd rather take the same amount of money and buy two drills. :-D

Good deal though. Thanks for posting. :-)


One day deal? Comes up as $299 now... :(


Not sure what kit is supposed to come up? Link takes you to DCK422KA which is priced currently at $299.00. But, if you search for the kit number referenced in the deal (DC4CKITA), it takes you to a different 4 tool combo with a sawzall instead of the impact driver. It is $329.81. Either way, couldn't find anything at this price, so the deal may be dead.

Also, the comment on the circular saw being small is somewhat misleading. Technically, it is smaller than a standard/corded circular saw, but NOT MUCH at all. It is a 6 1/2 inch blade. Standard circular saws typically have 7-1/4 inch blades. So, you are really only 3/8 inch shallower cut. It cuts just about anything a standard (corded) circular saw can cut through. I have a similar kit (XRP line) with a 6 1/2 inch circular saw. I use it ALL the time. My only gripe is it drains a battery fast, as cutting some heavier lumber (moist) puts a lot of strain on the tool. But, it is so nice when a corded saw is not practical.


Might have been a small window between them enabling the "Dewalt Deals" and disabling it for specific Dewalt items. There are some good buys on Dewalt tools, and you get a rebate that ONLY SHOWS AT CHECKOUT if your order is over $100.