dealsbond 50: the complete 22 film collection on blu…


wonders how collection can be "complete" if the movies are still coming out

waits for 22 vs. 23 movies argument


I was lucky enough to get this during the Black Friday sale for $99. At $10 more, it's still a great deal for Bond lovers. It contains all movies through Quantum of Solace, and has an empty slot for Skyfall -- a nice touch. All of the movies have the same menu style except for Quantum, which I assume to be the originally released Blu-Ray for this reason. I enjoyed watching them back to back and noticing how the characters and storytelling evolved over the decades.


GAH. I just bought it from an Amazon vendor at $145 a few days ago. Still, a tremendous value.


I have accumulated about half on dvd... the lazy completion seeker in my head tells me to go for it.


Just picked one up, thanks for the spot!


I must have gotten it at the last minute, the price jumped up now.