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stay away from dailysteals. this is their latest review:

Disgusting. I ordered a mouse. It took them a month to send my package - THEY WAITED TILL NEAR THE END OF THE PERIOD WHERE I COULD FILE A PAYPAL DISPUTE!!!! HOW'S THAT FOR A SHADY PRACTICE? Once it arrived - this is what I got:

A bag from my postmaster that said the package was received empty - it was stamped "received without contents". The paper envelope - for a COMPUTER PART, A MOUSE, was completely empty. The packaging looked like there was never anything in there, the glue-flap of the paper envelope was covered with dirt and hair.

It was gross. I've never had an experience like this in nearly 17 years of buying online.

They're not even incredibly cheap - like 10% less than amazon. Order from somewhere that knows how to package things and is capable of sending your order within under a month - this place stinks"