dealsscreaming superfly stuffed slingshot sock monkey…


So tempting.... I want it, but I don't. To me, it's a cross between woot's screaming monkeys and a sock puppet monkey that screams. Cheap, too! Ponder.


Well if it's sold on eBay, you know it's going to be made in China and cheap. But it is only $5 after all.


If Woot ever offered a flying sock monkey with Woot cape, I'd be all over that deal like a sock puppet on a kindergarten teacher's hand.


Curses! I wish I would have seen this yesterday. Forgot about 4.66 in ebay bucks expiring until the very last second. I would have paid .34 cents for this


I couldn't resist...damn you woot!


@ehonechief: + $4.99 shipping (No SuperSaver or Prime option)


I need to whine about this somewhere, so why not here--just 6 days after making my comment in this thread, Woot offers a flying Woot sock monkey in a Woot-Off... WHEN I'M IN BED WITH A MIGRAINE AND I MISS IT.

I was soooo disappointed when I got up and saw what I'd missed. :(