dealspre workout supplements - c4 extreme is powdered…


You can apply the code to the bigger 60 servings items for 31.99 plus they have free shipping right now.


@jayzee457: You can use the code for anything on the website to get 20% off everything.. the code works at all times.!



C4 Extreme $29.99
COR Series - Creatine $39.99

Subtotal: $69.98
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Coupon (MLT00): Remove -$14.00
Grand Total: $55.98

Sweet worked on the C4 and the Creatine..!! any one ever try thje Creatine by them i know it's new but i heard it's really good..

also the code makes all these products cheaper the GNC.. Thanks for the CODE!!!!


@perfectrs: The Creatine is actually really good.. if you mix it with the fruit punch C4 you wont even taste it.. but if you mix it like a shot.. it taste like Cinnamon.. which i don't like personally but it helps dissolve quicker into your system but with this creatine it dissolves nicely.. and doesn't have a gritty taste to it at all..

If any one has any more questions ive taken all there products..