deals$5 off $50 discounted gift cards from macy's…


They require a highly-suspicious level of personal information to confirm my purchase after the order has been placed. I would rather cancel my order than give them any digits of my SSN.


Hi Oddsim,
My name is Meg and I am with Raise Member Services. These secure verification questions are in place to verify first-time buyers and sellers on our marketplace and to ensure the safety of your transaction. We guarantee your information is kept private, and never store any of your personal information. Please email us at or call our 888 number as we are here to help and answer any questions you have!


Wife wants a new pair of runing shoes so i jumped at the nike deal.... went thru picked out a few other cards and then input the promo code and it didnt even say it was invalide it just acted like nothing happened... S0 there goes that...

All in all its actualy an amazing idea for a great site.... But lets be real here if you dont want a CC someone gave you or you won.... post it with a decent discunt and it will sell... AND please educate us how to ue this promo thing .... I am sure its my fault im doing somthing worng....

In closing i work for a LARGE cell phone vender who gives out 50 visa cc rebates and people hate them they want cash.... If someone from the site could get me a better versed on how this works I could estimate 10 to 20 , 50 cash visa a month going thru the site.... if someone from the site wants to talk this over please attash a contact email or number....


@dfwjustin: Thank you for reaching out, for any questions or for more information on our site, please e-mail us at This coupon has ended but for the month of March we have a $5 off $75 coupon for new customers with code RAISE75. We are so sorry for any inconvenience and for anything else please reach out!