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I picked this up the last time they had this deal. Malwarebytes is an awesome program and this is a CHEAP subscription that never expires. It provides great protection and at the same time runs incredibly light in terms of using system resources. Do yourself a favor and drop the free Antivirus programs that are loaded up with advertisements and bloatware!


@fusion489: Please, don't encourage people to "drop" their antivirus program. There are a number of very good, respected, free antivirus program.

Malwarebytes is NOT intended to be a replacement for antivirus software. It should be used as a supplement to antivirus software with real-time protection.

Personally, I scan my computer regularly with Malwarebytes as well as to two other malware detection programs. This is in addition to the real-time protection provided by my security software. I have a large amount of sensitive data on my computer are server, though. That is why I tend to err on the side of caution.

Choose for yourself which is best by making an educated decision. AV-Comparatives is an independent lab that thoroughly tests antivirus software suites (non-free) and publishes in-depth, comparative reviews.


@rmonacelli: The problem I have with free antivirus programs and even many paid for version is the heavy footprint they seem to have on the system. Malwarebytes is enough protection for me, but I guess it might not be for everyone. A paid for subscription gives you access to their active protection module which is similar to the active protection that other antivirus programs use.

When I look for an antivirus I look for something that's sleek and that runs light on my system resources. Malwarebytes does this for me.


I consider malwarebytes anti-malware to be a valuable addition to my existing AV software. No antivirus program catches everything and many of them don't play nice together, whereas the malwarebytes software seems to coexist peacefully with nearly every AV program out there and as mentioned above, has a relatively small footprint unlike Norton and other resource hogs.


I've used the free version on many computers but I also have the full version on my home pc. This is the only piece of protection software that I would be willing to spend money on. I use Avast for my anti-virus, SpyBot S&D for my spyware (both free), and the full version of Malwarebytes.

The only real difference between the free version and the paid version is that the paid version is always running in the background. It will stop the malware from getting on your computer in the first place. The free version needs to be manually run to get rid of the malware. The only problem with manually running the free version..... Some malware can disable Malwarebytes (and everything else on your computer) and then you are unable to start a manual scan your computer.


@chipgreen: correct Malwarebtes should be used along side a normal anti-virus. I never buy it I just use the free version since I don't need the active protection.


This program does a great job removing spyware and other junk.


@trunks2020: keep Malwarebytes (and other programs of use in emergency) on a thumbdrive. I make thumbdrives loaded up with various "Oh $h1T!" programs for all my relatives when they get a new machine. Few are very good at keeping the thumbdrive programs up-to-date, so I still get calls at three in the morning for family tech-support (is there anything worse?).


How does the lifetime license work? Are you basically allowed to install it on unlimited computers? Do you have to uninstall from your old one first?


This is the NUMBER ONE "repair" I run on peoples computers. I usually try to encourage people to download the free version and run i themselves, but many insist on me doing it to "fix" their ailing system.

which also reminds me of the Cracked "article" on it.


@journeyloaded: You are allowed to keep the software on one computer. To use it on a different computer you will need to uninstall it first. You cannot run it at the same time on two different computers otherwise your key will be invalidated.


@hackman2007: Thanks, I'm just worried if my HDD fails in the future and I can't uninstall it... guess in that case I could contact them.


@zapp brannigan: "I never buy it I just use the free version since I don't need the active protection."

The fact that the free version is so amazing is THE reason I purchased the full version. A company that makes such an amazing free program that has saved my pcs as well as many friends and family I have fixed over the years is worthy of my $14.


Personally I find the best anti-virus/spyware/malware is to not be an idiot when you're on the internet. 19 years of internet usage under my belt and I've never had a virus. It seems that "not being an idiot" part is asking to much for some people though.


@cmader: Not be an idiot? Sorry but you have just been extremely lucky or simply don't do anything other go to and check your email. I had a coworker that used google images to find a new wallpaper and clicked on the picture he liked and just from that one page loading got the nastiest case of spyware I have personally seen. It went right past our Symantec Endpoint Protection (which I hate by the way) and he immediatly came to me when he saw spyware pop up on his screen. After using 4-5 different antispyware, malware, virus and registry cleaners his computer was still slow as christmas. I eventually had to reinstall windows and wipe his hard drive.


I just had to remove the System Check virus from a system. It disabled Malwarebytes and everything else. I wish they were running active protection (since Mcafee missed it). that one stunk!


@fusion489: You clearly do not understand the difference between antivirus and anti-malware software.

First, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) does NOT scan the following file extensions: SWF, DOC, PPT, XLS, PDF, CLASS, HTML, JS, PHP, BAT, CMD, etc. E.g. You are taking a large risk if one of your co-workers emailed you any Microsoft Office document to look at.

Second, MBABM does not provide true real-time protection against malware. It scans in batch mode, while antivirus software scans a file the moment you open or execute that file.

Third, MBABM can not repair infected files like antivirus software can. It will only quarantine or delete them. This can cause serious instability issues if the infected file is an essential component or service.

TLDR: Malwarebytes Anti-malware is a supplement to antivirus software. There are no ifs ands or buts about it.


As far as I'm concerned, MBAM is an absolute industry standard, and any tech who doesn't use it or at least know about it isn't worth their salt.

To use an AV or not? If you have sensitive data on your computer (and chances are you usually do), then an AV is a smart choice. Otherwise, just be sure you can get back up and running.

My personal defense scheme is an automatic clamwin scan running on any downloaded file, and regular HDD clones. If I get an infection, I usually just wipe back to the backup.

Anyway, re: the deal. MBAM is great, even the free version. Buy if you really want the extra features, or you're a professional user.


@rmonacelli: Absolutely agree!!! I have Malware Bytes and NOD32 running together on every computer I own. I also install Malware Bytes (free) on EVERY computer I repair, give away or sell! I have never had ANY problems with Malware Bytes and any anti-virus software installed. AV software (especially the "security suites") is not as effective as Malware Bytes at removing the adware and malware that causes a computer to get slower and slower over time. Malware Bytes is focused on detecting and removing the resource stealing malware, leaving virii to AV software. There are other reasons, of course, for a computer slowing down over time, but on many occasions, after running Malware Bytes, the owner will say, "That seems to be as fast as when I first got it!" Yeah, you can call me a "fanboy", but after 20 years fighting the virus and malware battle, I can say without a doubt, "Malware Bytes is the best adware/maleware program I have ever seen; nothing else comes close!"


@thestickyb: You'll note that I didn't say you SHOULDN'T install an anti-virus/malware program but rather suggested that you use your head when you're online. There are many things around the web that can send up red flags. If it seems suspicious, avoid it or check around first.

I have AVG free installed on 2 of my 3 computers. It has a handy feature that alerts you to threats in google search results which would usually avoid problems like you described. I'm pretty sure other programs offer a similar feature. (Also, who still uses Symantec products? They're worthless.)

Someone send you a forward with an .exe? Either don't open it or scan it first. Trying to download something and it should be, say, 10 MB but it shows up as 500kb? Good chance it's a virus/trojan/whatever. At a site that asks to install some weird plugin? Look it up first, it's probably a virus. There are tons of little things like that you can watch for. Just don't go blindly clicking links like an epileptic monkey.


I personally only use Malwarebytes. Windows Defender is installed too, but it never has a chance to get anything. Malwarebytes has the continuous protection, flash scans, quick scans, and full scans.

I never have my computer bogged down by running a scan either. The only thing that I don't like about the scanning process is that I can't access any settings or anything while a scan is running.

As a final word, these scans are FAST. When I had McAfee or Norton, the scans would bog my system down for around an hour. Now, a FULL scan on my computer (granted it's a 3ghz quad core) takes 10 minutes. This is an amazing deal, and I'll probably pick up a couple copies for when I get a new laptop this fall, and to put it on the rest of my computers.