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this isnt really a deal, except for the fact that Gamestop has it in stock and Amazon does not.


This is the standard retail price, so I'm not sure why this is posted here other than for Gamestop to advertise...which is not the point of Deals.Woot.


Just so we're on the same page here - it'll cost me $150 for the privilege of paying them a monthly fee to play this game?


The cheapest you can find it on Amazon is 239.99, making this a deal.


@rrussell: Yes, because employing GMs isn't free, neither is running and maintaining servers.
If you ever played PSO back in the Dreamcast days you'd understand how awful it is playing a free MMO. Unless you want them to have a pay-to-win item shop or no security then it'll cost you a fee to play.
Welcome to the MMO genre, enjoy your stay.