dealspny 64gb turbo flash drive (usb 3.0) for $24.99


128GB version is also available for $49.99


Be sure to use the little icon just under price to toggle to the 128gig if you want larger -- avoid clicking down lower on the page where one of the suggested products is a 128gig USB 2.0, instead of USB 3.0. Unless of course you don't have USB 3.0 -- the price on the other 128gig is also $49.99.


If Tiger is sellin this then there's gotta be a problem with them or else Tiger wouldn't be tryin to unload this at this price....ROFL ;>}


they've changed the amount you can buy to a limit of 2 now. No free shipping either & some states are taxed. (if not all) Looked on Amazon to see if they were offered, TigerDirect has them on there also but charges you individually for shipping so multiple the shipping of $4.99 X how many you want and then you'll cringe!


thank i buy 2 of the 128GB


I have a PNY drive with what appears to be the same slide mechanism. If you put this drive on your keychain and carry it around in your pocket, the protective slide will wear out in a week or two. Instead of locking into place to cover the USB port, it'll just move around freely and uselessly.
Can't comment on the actual performance, though, since the drive I have is 16GB and presumably has entirely different internals.


I have one. The case is fine, but the shell of the usb connector itself is cheap plastic instead of the usual metal. after a while, it starts to crack like a cheap halloween mask, and eventually won't go into the port.


Unless I am missing something, the price is $34.99 now for the 64GB version.