dealssend a free card to a soldier


The only thing that would make this cooler, is if you were able to send them to a Hero without knowing their name. All the men and women serving over there deserve to know they're not forgotten. Great post either way.


I'm with Mattryan on this one.


Memorial Day or not, every soldier deserves to be thought of by somebody year round. Thanks for sharing.


totally agree with Mattryan.


@mattryan: will have the address of a soldier that will distribute them to others in their unit who may not be getting any mail or packages. You could also send them to the whole unit!


I totally agree. I don't know anyone serving, but thought I could send a heartfelt card to a random soldier...


I just sent a message to them on the contact page letting them know i wanted to send an anonymous card. I suggest you all do the same.


@mattryan: The DoD won't allow "any soldier" mail anymore. Too much inappropriate stuff was being sent.

If you want to REALLY do something, don't send a simple card. Spend a few bucks and donate to the USO, Fisher House, or the Red Cross, earmarked for military members and families. For example, the USO has a program to give calling cards to military personnel. $50 will give military people 140 calls home.


@mattryan: I completely agree. I would love to send cards to random soldiers. You never know who has lost contact with their family and would love to get a card, even from some random person, just to know they are being remembered and appreciated.


there are many kinds of persons in the world, but it's no doubt that the soldiers deserves the lofty respect! Pray for them!


If you're looking for something to do or get involved without a lot of financial outlay that the troops actually really appreciate check out Operation Paperback. When my wife was deployed last year she was really happy to have access to this sort of thing.


I'll keep your wife warm for you. Love, Jody


I've done the thing once, but sent a box full of stuff (toothbrushes/toiletries, magazines, beef jerky and other snacks, seasoning salt, microwavable foods such as the Hamburger Helper that comes in packets, a couple of board games, etc...and even tampons/maxipads for the women). I tried to get items that were name-brand, so that it felt as "American" as possible. :-)

I was so excited about the idea of sending things to our troops, who were homesick and exhausted, that I didn't realize I went "overboard" until I went to ship it. LOL After buying all the stuff to send, I hadn't even thought about how much it would also cost to ship such a heavy box. BUT, it was close to Christmas, and it made me feel good to know that somewhere out there, a group of men and women were getting a taste of home...and I would have paid any amount to make sure they got it.


@paintballbob: I sent them a similar message:
"Is there a distribution or general address I could send a card to?
I don’t have any family or friends serving but would like to send a card to a soldier in need."


Like this comment if you think you should actually send the card rather than just like the overall idea of this.


SSGT Miller, David J
3/8 Kilo Co
Unit # 73260 FOB Delhi
FPO, AE 09510-3260

My husband :) He's on one of those off base posts where they don't get mail very often. (Tent) If you'd like to send it to someone who doesn't get mail, maybe you could put "C/O" or care of and he can pass it down to the lower ranks. He's already signed up for a few things to get sent to his guys. They are in Helmund province.

I know they'd appreciate it. They've been gone a month, and really don't know how long they will be there.


@geethatsgr8: It's best to get one of those flat rate boxes- they have them specifically for the military also. Look for the flag box! It is about 15.00. Also, will send it for free for an APO address for anything over 25.00.


@markmc27: OH my goodness you are very right about helping with heavy items in the yard! With a deployed husband, yesterday I got the riding mower stuck on the ramp driving it into the shed and couldn't lift it over. And I can't tell you how many time's I've had to carry heavy furniture from my car into the house by myself.


vote-for4vote-against is a way you can participate. A friend of mine was in the marines (I was in the Navy) during the first gulf war. He was talking about how much he appreciated receiving packages like this.
Makes you feel good being able to do it but more importantly it makes them feel great that somebody cares enough about "them" to take action on their behalf.

I filled a couple of flat rate boxes with hard candy, smoke oysters, hot sauce, breakfast bars, toiletries, sun screen, lotion, ping pong net, paddle, balls, etc....

Pick a soldier and support him or her


I just used a Jane Doe name, anywhere as a city, had to pick a state & made up a zip so they would give it to anyone.


We are members of - a great organization where you can adopt a soldier for the length of their deployment. You agree to send a card/letter weekly, and a package once a month. You can send additional cards/letters/packages, too. Plus there are ways of getting involved where you are sending cards/letters to other soldiers (without the adoption commitment.

We have been really impressed with the organization and have made wonderful friends with some soldiers. :) Our first adoptee is coming home in a week or so! I don't know of anyone in our family or group of friends who is currently serving, so this was a great way for us to show our gratitude to the folks in uniform.


@phoenixgirrl: I sent that link to my department of 40 people, and out to the director of the Homeless Coalition (which works with a lot of homeless vets) to propagate to their mailing list. Thanks.


I see it's only for U.S. soldiers. Not unexpected I suppose, but still a pity.


This is great. It should be pinned as the first item!