dealswaybasics - 44.8 in. madison bookcase and room…


While this is a cool bookcase, i noticed your link is acting as an invite link for your account? Is that kosher on deals.woot?


@darthemerald: Woot's engine changes all links to benefit Woot, and I've been posted The Foundary's items for a long time to many people's benefits. So enjoy.

I have many of these WayBasics shelves, they are wonderful in my office.


Odd. It looks like an invite from leo57. Is that the deals.woot affiliate code?


@lll0228: just checkin! I'm gonna keep my eye on that site, while I don't have space for the cool bookcase now, I may have more space soon and that site has some cool looking stuff :) Thanks for the deal!


@dilio: As you click through, the link automatically changes. See all the past ones.


@lll0228: I'm sorry, I'm just not seeing it. I click on the link and the URL says "invite=leo57". And you have another embedded link in the text that is just an invite. I don't see anything changing when I click.

I've been wanting to post referral links for a while. The deals are good and if it gets me some extra scratch - cool. But it seemed like it wasn't acceptable here. I know the other sites can be touchy. And I didn't want to get the ban-hammer here right out of the gate. To be honest I'm digging around and can't find anything directly prohibiting it. And you've got a whole bunch of them. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

Any mods around to confirm or deny?

(Totally sorry for thread-jacking. Those cases look neat. It's just the invite thing that caught my eye.)


@dilio: I've been here for a long time (see the black triangle). Post away, Deals.Woot always automatically changes the referral links to their own, so you won't get anything. I haven't seen a penny, so if that's your motivation, it won't work. :)

This is just a fun community. Post for fun.


@lll0228: Bummer. Or good, I guess.

I hadn't seen anything from the squares (mods) like @thefenst, @jumbowoot, @faughty, or @thunderthighs. I did see a second-hand quote from @snapster about personally making money off a posting. But nothing I could hang my hat on.

And yeah, it seems like a cool site. But apparently I need to buy something off the regular woot site to really vote and stuff.