dealsfine deluxe hotel 300 thread count 100% cotton…


I got a set of sheets from here before and wasn't happy with them. Does anybody have this set and like to comment on them?


I wouldn't recommend this reseller at all. They're garbage and the things they sell are too.


They are worse than the ones from Walmart. I'd avoid them if I was you and just purchase Walmart brand ones and save yourself 50%.


@samuraisevens: I don't have this item but if you were unhappy with the last set you bought from Dailysteals,chances are this set will be no better, it is Dailysteals we are dealing with here. I would look elsewhere.


@gusvonpooch: I've gotten some good things from them, in the past. They're like any form of bargain hunting. You have to sift through a bunch of crap, to find a good deal.


300 thread count would be like sleeping in a burlap sack.

Avoid these.


@samuraisevens: I understand that but my experience with Dailysteals is very poor so no sifting through crap for me with this site, With Dailysteals if you have a problem then man you really have a problem,good luck getting customer service to help.