deals2-pack nerf n-strike maverick for $14.99


Still a decent price on these clear mavs.. One of my favorite/easiest to mod Nerf Guns.. Especially the clear-series (Throw in LED strips and these look amazing)


Remember when Nerf guns were the thing? They may still be, but man, they were awesome.


Maverick's have to be the best nerf gun they ever made. We have all sorts of nerf guns including: raider, recon, longstrike, longshot, alpha trooper. We've changed springs, removed the air regulators, modified the plungers, reinforced the plunger stop, and even camoflauged painted (green, white, sand, SWAT). Yes we were Nerf gun nerds. However the one nerf gun we always have with us, bring them over to friends houses, and still play with is the Maverick. It is super easy to load, shoots well, and the most overall fun to use. Nothing like a Dirty Harry style nerf gun.


I think the clear Mavericks are pretty rare.

What luck, I bought two Mavericks from Target for around $10 (with tax) each out of impulse from missing out on the Woot!-plus deal a few months back. And now it was featured on Woot!-plus again AND I see this deal.

Haha, but man.. I agree with @wootjjk that these guns are the best things ever made. At one point I just couldn't let go of these guns and walk around the house with them.

I would also suggest buying buying extra darts from eBay (warning: shipping will take three weeks, but was worth the wait!!) and buy more than one gun! (Well, this deal is already a pair.. but the more the merrier!!)