dealsak ice cube tray for $4.79 + free shipping


I really missed the scene in Star Wars when Luke passed out the AK 47s


It was pretty awesome when Luke bullseyed womp rats with his AK back home.


Will these work if you are doing shots?


Today I didn't even have to use my AK Ice Cube Tray
I got to say it was a good day


People will think they are phalluses.


@prattl: Yes and gross! Looks like an over excited dog's "member" poking out; gag!


@dnlkolender: "Of COARSE"?....and you're calling names? AR AR AR AR AR!!!!


@prattl: That would be a phaullus-y....


I have this, and it's not that useful. It's 2 halves, so you have to fill it up, squeeze them together (over the sink) and then gently place in the freeze nice and flat. Once froze, you have some bullets that might be frozen together, or might just shatter due to air holes. the slenderness of them means they melt in no time. I was hoping it would be fun and useful for water bottles, but it takes nearly a whole magazine to chill a bottle of water. It'd be a funny gift, but unless you have patience and a couple to swap in and out with good freezer space I wouldn't get too excited over it. YMMV