dealsusb mini memory card reader for micro sd and tf…


Collect all colors! Really how will a different color make it work any different


Am I the only one to feel a bit guilty about ordering these less-than-$1.00 items from Meritline, with free shipping, knowing they'll probably pay more in shipping it to me than I've paid?

Not that the guilt stops me...


@pamfenway: no. They make money somehow or they wouldn't be doing it


@pamfenway: There are several Hong Kong retailers that routinely sell these items at the sub-$1 prices, so I think they've gotten the shipping down to a science.

Also, Meritline only offers a few of these item at the discount price, then it's back to a higher price.

I got two similar ones from DealExtreme for a buck each and they work well.


I've been looking for something like this for a while now. My car stereo has a USB jack for thumb drives, and I'm wanting something as small as possible to keep it from being broken off. Thanks!