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Armour of God is also the movie that almost ended Jackie Chan. Because of this movie, Jackie now has a rubber plug in the hole in his head, which will never heal.

Next time you see a movie with Jackie doing crazy things, consider that his brain is just a plug away from sloshing around. ^_^ Makes the man all that more impressive.


That may explain why he has gone anti-American in the Chinese press. He says the US is the most corrupt country in the world. Not interested in his stuff any more.


@thomasr: After talking him into making movies like The Tuxedo and The Mediallion can you blame him?


Word of warning: These are part of the terrible arrangement the Weinsteins made with Echo Bridge Entertainment for certain Miramax films; virtually all of Echo Bridge's Blu-Rays feature sub-par transfers, films cropped to 16x9 even if the original aspect ratios were originally 2.35:1, and 2.0 sound (even when the previously-available DVDs were 5.1 surround).

I'd wait for Bob and Harvey to come to their senses; and I certainly wouldn't reward their behavior by buying any of these releases.