dealsacer aspire quad-core notebook with 17.3" hd…


I've owned two Acer laptops over the last 6 years (typing on one now) and my experience with them has been great. Reliable, easy to work on (I swapped out the HDD with a solid state disk), good software support, performance:price ratio is really awesome.


We have 6 acers between our family and the church media center. They have been great! They have great reviews on Squaretrade, too! Don't let anyone tell you Acer is a poor product! I'm not sure about this processor. But will each part of the quad core process at 2.2GHz? We have had these for over three years.


Everything is up to my standards but the video card.

It's always the video card..


Is this the same one that was on woot or sellout on Sunday? I missed it and will grab this one if it's still available...


I hate marketing lies.

Make it sound great and say nothing.

"[The CPU] featuring next-generation quad-core performance that crushes even the most demanding tasks."

"next-generation" - what does that mean? How many generations have their been in decades? Where does this one fit compared to current generations?

Who knows? It's just the one after an unspecified other one.

"crushes even the most demanding tasks."

Well, I guess Intel can lay off the R&D, no faster chip is needed.

I'm guessing that the latest games will beg to differ, much less other 'demanding tasks'.

Not a whole lot of information about how fast it is - just 'crushes'.

I've seen the same language on CPU's that 'crawled'.

It's crap marketing. They should be embarrassed and ashamed.


@tsfisch: I think this is the same one that was $10 cheaper in the woot-off.


@craig234: Not sure about the woot-off, but I just confirmed it's the same model that was sold on sellout on Sunday for $10 off. Weird to see the price go UP...


I just received this laptop today from the last woot and this is my first AMD and for a quad core it is pretty disappointing. I bought this for my 5 year old to play with because it was cheaper than an iPad. My other son's i3 dual core seemed to be more seemless even though it's not as fast it doesn't pause like this Acer. The build is cheap but no complaint because it so cheap, it looks nice. Screen quality is a 5/10. I run an Alienware M18x and M17x R2 so I do look for quality. I have over 10 laptops 4 from HP, 3 dells, 2 alienwares, 1 sony. So I feel my opinion is pretty honest.


@woot tang clan: so what would you recommend to someone looking for a decent laptop with a budget of $500.


@timothytnt84: not woottangclan but i would just watch the deals at, anything that the majority vets is usually pretty great.


I'm no expert but this looks like a lot of computer for the money.


No firewire, no PC port, friggin' useless for what I want to use it for. It's almost impossible to find a lappy with a PC port nowadays. :((((


I don't even know what a -PC- port is.

I used to use AMD chips, and lovingly recall my old K6 and Athlons. I don't like the latest generation, and find that it doesn't keep up with lesser priced I series chips, never mind the current 2nd generation I5's.

'Course, what do I know. I still think a 4Mhz Z80 is pretty hot stuff!


@sleebusjones: What the heck is a pc port? Do you mean Serial port? There are very few laptops that have them now a days since you can get a serial to usb converter.

@Woot tang clan: The games that your 5 year old are using are not even impacting the cpu I can assure you of that.


@cindihoward: I've never had good luck with Acers. My first laptop was an Aspire 3000 series. It started overheating on me and the power supply cord started disintegrating after 6 months. Their support line wasn't any help either and I ended up needing to call the credit card company to do a chargeback since Acer refused to honor their warranty.

Just my personal experience though.


surprisingly good deal. Too bad I just bought a laptop!


For the same price 2 weeks ago I picked up a Lenovo laptop from "PneuEgh". This one has a better processor and graphics chip, and much better resolution, otherwise it's comparable. This is a good deal. Wish I had waited.


@woot tang clan: So you are comparing a $1800 laptop to a $300 laptop and saying the $300 one is junk because it doesn't perform as well?! Serious?


Is it common for laptops to not have bluray drives?


@benyust2: Yes considering the price of a slim blu-ray drive being $100.


I bought an Aspire last year for a similar price, and I am not really pleased with the computer. I got a TON of computer for my money, and this looks to be a similarly solid deal, but computing power is not my complaint.

Aspires are physically flimsy and run very hot. The housing for the monitor has always flexed more than I am comfortable with, and it began to separate at its seams shortly after purchase. A small drop shattered one corner of the case (admittedly all other components were fine), and the keyboard needs to be replaced after just over a year of use.

My previous experience has been almost exclusively with Lenovo ThinkPads, so I am aware that I have a pretty high bar when it comes to laptop durability. All of that said, I wish I had spent another couple hundred dollars to have a computer that is not falling apart.

Your mileage may vary.


@matthewjbrenner: you are right and that is why people complain so much about these. You are paying less than $400 for a laptop, how much durability are you expecting for that price point with these specs? A similar laptop with more "rugged" parts will cost easily almost double the price.


@matthewjbrenner: That is almost exactly what happened with my Aspire.

@zapp brannigan: I'm still paying several hundred dollars for a computer, I would expect it to last me at least through the warranty period.


how can i cancel this order? QUICKLY!!!1


@penarestel: And it will last just don't do something that will make it not last, ie dropping it. Most warranties will not cover accidents or something that you do to it unless you buy squaretrade.

The laptop will work fine and last till the warranty is up if you do no abuse to it.


I love my Acer laptop!! It is a great brand--reliable, HD, large screen, clear picture....all around wonderful quality!! I will always buy this brand in the future!!


@woot tang clan: You're also comparing to 2 Alienware gaming laptops that are specifically geared to gaming to a notebook geared to the usual pro-sumer that mostly surfs the web and play some dvd movies? Seriously?


If anyones looking for a deal Im selling a black friday asus laptop I dont need anymore for 350$ shipped, check it out on newegg if you want to compare prices.


@zapp brannigan: A PC port used to be called a PCMCIA port. It's one of the two ways to get firewire on a laptop. You can get it built in (which usually isn't good because manufacturers generally have it share an IRQ with the video card or networking card) or you can do it with a Firewire PC card. The external hardware I use runs on Firewire 400, because USB can't keep up. Unfortunately it's darn hard to find an affordable lappy with a PC port.