dealsnexus 4 for $299.00


Is this the permanent prices now?


@morriea: Those are the same prices which were announced before and supposedly will be forever more....


This phone does not have a MicroSD slot.

This phone does not have a battery that's meant to be user-accessed. (Though that can be worked around)

This phone does not have LTE support out of the box, and the under-the-covers functionality one can enable is at low power and will only work with a small cross section of carriers.


yeah, this is not a deal. It is the standard price.


$299 is the normal price... and waiting 8 to 9 weeks for delivery you just might as well wait...


I bought this yesterday and was expecting the quoted 1-2 weeks plus 2 day shipping. However, Google says they don't charge you until the phone has shipped. I got charged today, so I am hoping to have the phone by the end of the week. We will see if Google is just managing expectations... no tracking numbers yet.