dealsfalling skies: the complete first season [blu-ray…


I rather enjoy this show. Not too shabby and excited that season 2 will give me something to watch this summer.


This is a really underrated show, and got better as the season went along. Hopefully, they give it a bigger budget going forward.


Great show. Honestly it should have been a fall series. However fall series tv doesnt like Scifi/fantasy. Just look at how Fringe has struggled, Alcatraz, the cape/Terranova/the event, and nearly every sci/fi /fantasy show from last season from network tv is dead. Only thing that seemingly did ok was Grimm and once upon a time both of which are pretty rote and incredibly predictable.

Cant wait for second season. Last year it was by far and away best summer show. Had it not been for watching them as they happened I would snag this offer quick.


IMaybe I'm in the minority but I have found this to be a bad series, terribly 'designed by committee' by the numbers with cliches and stereotypes and just not good - even if you keep watching.