dealsback to school – 4lbs of pens for $17.99 + free…


yea um. website says $22.99. Not taking Woot5.
and... 4lbs of pens? It would go nicely with my already collection of 3 drawers of pens.


WOOT5 worked for me. I'm going to donate these pens to the school nearest me.


All I will admit to is that my brain added an extra "i" somewhere in the title. I won't say where.


I bought this a couple of years ago, although I think I paid less for it then. It was a good deal. These are all promotional "giveaway" quality but they work. It's also interesting to see the different names and such printed on them. My favorite was from a company that specialized in Crime Scene cleanup!


Worked for me! My wife is a HS teacher. These should last her most of the school year.


I teach at a community college and the students are forever needing a pen or two. Therefore, I bought these pens and was pleased at how many of them looked but over half of them did not work.

I recommend that you do NOT buy these; you are better off buying a dozen BIC pens at Staples.


I have had good luck with these. I still have thousands although they were not from this supplier. I use them for applicants in my office. They seem to always walk with pens. I used to put flowers on them but this is much more masculine :)
I get the occasional dud but for the most part they are good pens. It doesn't matter much if I get one that doesn't work, it just gets thrown away.


@realgeorgew: What's even funnier is reading all the comments in this thread adding the 'i' in pens. :D


I bought something similar a few years ago and I would not recommend, even for this bargain price. When i received my pens, half didn't work at all, and a good portion were in pieces in the bottom of the box.


Got less than 2lbs from a total of 105 pens in a half empty box. They say approximately 230 pens in 4lbs.