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I always like Radio Shack as a kid, but now I can't figure out how they survive, I haven't seen a single salesperson that knows ANYTHING about what they are selling, their prices have gotten so out of control on everyday things like batteries and what not, they have just become a glorified cell phone store, I don't know of much else I would consider buying there that I couldn't get online, MUCH cheaper... i'm not trying to attack them, I just hate that it's came to this... 20% off of items marked up 60% to high doesn't interest me :-(


@gmnorrod: It's a useful store to have near a campus that has electrical majors. Being able to walk over and pick up a critical component just in time is a pretty nice luxury.


@gmnorrod: Actually, most of the sales people never did know what they were selling. I used to go there for electronics parts 30 years or so ago, and some of the misinformation could have actually killed me.


@gmnorrod: There are very few places that have knowledgeable associates. I don't believe customers should expect the sales person to know how to build your project for you. Google is your friend =) The reality is Radio Shack pays all its associates minimum wage and the wireless carriers pay them commission for selling their phones.


20% off of inflated prices isn't much of a deal.


They became a cell phone and RC-anything store and I had to go elsewhere for small quantity components- mostly online now, but there are a few surplus electronics places in the Dallas area so I expect I've got it easier than many.


I worked there out of high school ~18 years ago, and back then I wondered how they stayed in business with their prices. I worked there with a couple of friends. We were a bunch of computer geeks so we were knowledgeable, but the rest of the staff were clueless.

It was the worst place to work too. You either got minimum wage or 10% commission, whichever was higher. There was a sales per hour quota you had to meet, so you were encouraged to claim less hours to meet that quota. They had these knowledge tests you were encouraged to take (by encouraged I mean they threaten to fire you). You had to study on your own time, and even come in on your own time to take the tests. There was no reward for taking the tests, unless keeping your job is a reward. Oh and then there was the meetings we were required to go to at the regional office, that we didn't get paid for and had to pay our own expenses to go. I was eventually "encouraged" to leave because I wouldn't play their games.


@publiclurker: The sad thing is you can't count on them for electrical components anymore. When I worked there they had a large section dedicated to the stuff. A couple of months ago I needed some capacitors to fix an LCD monitor, so I headed to Radio Shack for the first time in years. Their electrical components are now down to a small drawer in the back of the store. They only had one of the type I needed too, so I'm still wondering why people go there.


@miniskunk: AGREED, Their prices are so outrageous!!! I never shop there!!!


@gmnorrod: I agree as well. Amazing when I go in there to get a switch or some terminations and they ask if they can help. I say yes even though I don't need the help then I watch them dig aimlessly through their inventory like it's their first time in the store. The place really has become a joke.


@gmnorrod: I feel exactly as if I wrote this! When I go into RadioShack for a sale item, the clerk acts like they NEVER heard of the product! You need to bring in the sale paper WITH a picture. There's this one particular salesperson who I HATE coming up to me asking if she can help. I'm thinking to myself, "you haven't been able to help me the last three times that I've been here." of well, there's always the InterNet. Say bye-bye brick-n-mortar stores.