dealskrispy kreme donut on friday, june 1st for $0.00


Damn, nearest shop is 27 miles away which would take me about 2 gallons of gas to get to and back at a cost of $4.30 a gallon so that free donut would end up costing me $8.60 without adding in the hour drive time there and back too.

But, on the other hand, it IS a free donut.

Be back in a little bit...


Your car only gets 13.5 miles to the gallon? You could be eating a lot more donuts on better gas mileage...


27 MPG... Two gallons to get there AND back. Math is fun!


^ Wow amifamily... just wow...


I miss all of our Krispy Kreme's. They are all RIP. Dunkin Donuts has great coffee but terrible donuts.


my sons and I went and got ours this evening. there was basically no line. you had to tell them you were there for the free donut so I didn't realize that all the people who had been ahead of me in line were paying for all of theirs. The man behind us in line, though, caught on! lol!


must be nice to pay only $4.30 a gallon its $4.78 here :/


I gave up sweets until my wedding cake, but this was verrrry tempting!


Yummy yummy yummy. I got the free donut! Key lime pie creme filled. Then I proceeded to buy two dozen for 9.99 with a coupon AND gas is only 3.23 here :D


@helmatj: find a chapel near a Krispy Kreme & elope...bring the cake and champagne with you. No one has to know.