dealsorigin player appreciation sale, one week only…


Mass Effect 3 Trilogy for $30. Great buy.


good list of games. F1 2012, some sports and sports managing games, Battlefield 3 and a lot of DLC and bundles, Saints Row full.

The kicker i saw:
Crysis 3 for $30. Not bad.

And it's not just computer games. Also has xbox 360 ps3


Do yourself a favor and just DONT BUY any EA title! The company is inherently anti-consumer, and they don't deserve your business!


@jnemesh: Tell me about origin account was recently hacked by some Russian kid, and I was on the phone with EA customer support for over 2 hours, and finally hung up after no response. They sure felt bad though, gave me a 15% off coupon code for my next considerate, fix the problem by covering it up.


@jnemesh: man get off you soap box this is a deal site and the 30 bucks for some new games is a great deal sheesh.


I dont think he is on a "Soap Box" , I am forced to agree with him ... in everything thing there is good an bad and EA is PUUUURRRREEEEE Evil :-) they single handed stop the progression of video games (not all but enough) , I mean look at 2k football .... they made a amazing game but EA and madden couldn't have that , so instead of throwing money at any attempt to make a better game the next year it was just easier for them to buy the whole rights to the NFL ! Im not saying they don't release good games because mass effect it absolutly brilliant im just saying ....well.... EA sucks ;-)


The main problem is Origin.


What kinda gets me going is we all know the horror stories about EA but not to long ago they tried bashing Steam and other distribution services saying that sales "cheapen" intellectual property (AKA game titles). Then they turn around and do this? Which one is it, or is it only okay when they do it?