dealssony 32gb 9.4" tablet s w/ cradle for $259.99…


I got this last month for the same price off WOOT!. I like it. will upgrade to ICS. I guess the last gen tablets are getting kicked to the curb before the holidays. Consider that the new tablets will cost twice as much as this one, and it's a good deal. One problem, SONY. They seem to abandon their products as soon as the next model is out. My Dash is a great device, but sees no love from the mother corporation. They took AMAZON streaming away from the Dash. WHY? anyways, the Dash is awesome, and this tablet is awesome, but you may be on your own in a couple of months, once the new hotness is released.


Anyone know how this compares to an iPad, usability wise? I have a work-issued iPad I love, but there's no way I'm forking out that kind of dough for personal use.


Got mine about a month ago on Woot! as well for the same price with cradle. This is an amazing little tablet. I bought a generic case/cover, neoprene bag, OTG USB cable to plug in USB thumb drives, micro USB to USB cable to transfer files from PC to tablet, and a 16gb class 10 SDHC card for it for around $20 total too. The tablet is great - however a couple of things I do not like about it that I can live without are:

1. While the IR blaster controls a ton of things, I cannot find a way for this to control my PS3 or it least navigate around it wirelessly, which just seems odd as they are both made by Sony.
2. Chrome will run on it when you upgrade to ICS, but it's almost worthless - it crashes or just sits at blank screens half the time. This is more than likely a problem with the app though and not the tablet.
3. The Playstation store was a great idea... if it had more games. Currently there only about 20 PS1 games on it to choose from which isn't that much


I bought this table on Woot before. It is worth the money in my opinion and I have been addicted to it. It rests nicely in the cradle and is a great clock for my living room. The screen is great for movies and the sound is decent (although the speakers are in the back so it helps if there is something behind it to reflect the sound forward towards you). The battery lasts for a while and it is comfortable to hold.
My complaints are:
1. The browser and chrome both seem to crash often, I have other apps that crash occasionally but when I am internet browsing it crashes at least once a day.
2. Being not as mainstream as the iPad or other android tablets, accessories specific to this device are sparse, especially cases
3. For apps that require portrait mode and are not specifically designed for a tablet, the screen is forced to have the thicker side of the table to the right - making the ergonomic design of the grip non functional if you prefer to hold the tablet with your left hand.


So are the manufactures dreaming when they price these LAST GENERATION tablets so high, or do people actually buy these dinosaurs at these prices?

For the money, I'd get a NEW 7" Google Nexus and KNOW that it won't be abandoned like so many of the 1st/2nd/3rd gen tablets out there (can you say HP or Cisco or Blackberry).

$159.99 - sure no problem, but $249 - no way.


@danbooke2001: Ps3 does not have an ir receiver, most remotes are Bluetooth or have an adapter!


I bought one of these the last time they were on Woot as well and I think it's a good tablet. For some reason I notice it does seem to lag a bit on input once in a while and I'm not crazy about the skinning that has been done for the UI, but other than that, I have been satisfied.

One downside to this tablet that comes about because of it's odd size and shape is finding accessories. You can find screen protectors no problem, but finding a hard shell case for this is basically not going to happen. If you want a case, you'll have to settle for a leather-esque folio style case. I'm not a fan of folio cases (I hate how they make my expensive piece of technology feel like a trapper-keeper) so this has been disappointing. The tablet itself is nice though. I thought I wouldn't like the odd shape but I really have grown to appreciate it.


@qman89: I guess I should have rephrased that, the IR blaster works great on IR sensing devices (TV's, DVD/Blu-Ray players, receivers, etc.), the tablet has bluetooth capability as does the PS3, however they will not talk to each other via bluetooth.


@toms203040: The 32gb version of this tablet was selling for well over $500 at one point, so at over half the price of MSRP this is a steal. An android tablet running ICS with a Tegra 2 processor is hardly a "Dinosaur". While the Google Nexus 7 is nice, you are getting what you pay for - there is no external memory capability (which I can double with this Sony tablet to 64gb if I want - 32gb internal, 32gb external) and even at the largest internal memory for the Nexus, which is 16gb, it retails for $10 cheaper than this. The screen is 2.4 inches larger, it has front facing and a 5mp rear facing camera, and this deal gets you a cradle to dock with.

I believe you get more bang for your buck with this than the 8gb Google Nexus 7 that retails for $199...


Proprietary charging cable = FAIL! Why why why? Esp. when it has a micro USB port? If not for this it would be a buy for sure.


@redstang: It has a micro usb, but you just can't charge with it. It requires too much power to charge.


Sony missed the boat on this. They could have sold millions of tablets as a "media control center" if they had that as an app for their tablet. Who wouldn't have bought a shiny tablet to use for thier PS3 instead of using their PS3 controller...........

However, a PS3 controller will work on the few games availbale for the tablet if you have a miniUSB to USB adapter to use to synch the controller the first time you use it.


Wait... you mean they didn't sell out of these things at retail pricing???!


@danbooke2001: His main point was that the Nexus 7 is both cheaper and will retain developer support. This tablet at this price does provide a decent base value, but the problem is that it is older hardware that won't continue to receive updates or support from Sony after maybe ICS.

Also, yes, you have a rear facing camera here but really...who needs it? I still haven't figured out why they shoehorn rear cameras into all of these tablets...


@toms203040: Blackberry is not abandoned. I will receive the next 10 update. Stop spreading false information. Playbook is 179.00 and excellent deal. Research first.


The new Experia's are on Pre-Order for $499 on Sony site - hence the overstocks are being cleared out in BULK under a contract with this daily deal site.


I got this last time for the wife and kids... Was the same price and had the same cradle... It was a mistake, I'm not trying to dump them on craigslist and get my money back... compared to an Ipad these are junk.

Why? Well the biggest reason is the wifi is beyond pathetic. I have a good wifi setup I can connect with any of the other wireless things in my house from any room, from any point outside the house even from down the street... BUT when I use the sony I am lucky to get a signal one room from the router, and even then the Sony drops the signal more often than not.

Other thing to consider, the thing just feels flimsy... the glass screen isn't gorilla or dragon glass so you have to be careful not to scratch it... The system after doing a clean upgrade to ICS is very unstable. It crashes on the most basic thing such as the internet browser.

I almost feel bad trying to sell it to someone else, its that bad.


To the person asking about iPad versus Sony,

It's not Sony per say, it's more a matter of Android.

As IT Engineers my wife & I needed to support both. My wife has iPad. I have Android with ICS. Feature wise they are similar but with interesting usability differences.

On a dayly basis iPad is useful & seamless. Email, contacts, calendar, to-do lists, etc.
Android is not as seamless.

Storage, connectivity, etc. Android is better depending on brand. Mine has USB, SD slots, HDMI, etc.
iPad doesn't come with all that.

There are hundreds of products for iPad.
For instance the keyboard/case by Zagg/Logitech is cool & my wife uses it always. Perfectly designed & acts like a case too.
Logitech Android keyboard is not as easy to carry/setup so I don't use it much.

The difference in product choices is volume. Design for iPad and sell 1000s. But with so many Androids models they cannot design cost effectively for each one.



I bought one of these the last time they were on Woot too. Immediately upgraded to ICS. Bought a nice case and screen protector (since it's not gorilla glass). I couldn't be happier. It's a great tablet.


Oh I should mention that contrary to some comments it is very stable. The stock browser never crashes. Chrome does but that's an issue with the latest version of Chrome and ICS. Other than that the only issue I have is that is won't fit on the cradle while in the case I bought. Not a huge deal since I can take it out easily.


@andyworks: Keep that delusion alive. Even the rats (oops I meant execs) have left that sinking ship.