dealspick 5 games from list on for $10.00


The Ball is an interesting puzzle game. It kept me entertained for hours.


Darwina, Space Chem and Torchlight are each worth the price of the whole kaboodle.


They even have MAC games.

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HOLY CANOLI, all 5 Geneforge games PLUS four others in the list for $10??? I already have them and I'm tempted to grab it just for extra back-ups O.O


I am REALLY tempted by this, but I'd prefer to wait for the Steam holiday sale. Even if I have to pay a little more, it's keeping all my games in one place.


Wow, great deal, thank you!!! I never heard of and now have a large wishlist of hard to find games. Plus the deal knocks 5 adventure games off my Steam list; no more waiting for them to go on sale 80% off, lol!

Lots of good horror games on this site too!


Reminds me of humble bundle...good deal...loved torchlight and Alan Wake.


Do you know if you can purchase multiples of this deal?


I already own all but 4 of these games, and only really want two of them. Of the ones I already own I got all but two of them from various indie bundles, and the other two I bought from GoG already.

I like that GoG is now selling newer games because personally I'd rather buy games from GoG than Steam. I like Steam, but I also like DRM free games that I can play without having to launch a special client and be connected to the internet. GoG also gives you extras that you don't get from Steam like sound tracks.

My personal recommendations:

If you don't already have Trine, do yourself a favor and get it. It is on my top 10 best games of all time.

SpaceChem is surprisingly fun and addictive. You don't need to know chemistry to play it, but you might learn some along the way.

If you like old school type point and click adventure games, definitely pick up Resonance, Geneni Rue and the Blackwell Bundle.


WOW, this is an absolutely mind-blowing deal!

Botanicula, To the Moon, Alan Wake, Torchlight, Geneforge, Spacechem, Trine, Darwinia, Unmechanical, and The Ball are all fantastic games, and all of them are worth this price by themselves.

Plus, GOG games are always DRM free. Grab this deal as fast as you can, and tell all your friends.


@superninja: Yes, I just finished up my second purchase, with the same account and same credit card.

Lol, now the only game I don't have in this list is the Mutant Mudds one.